Standard T-VER

It is a mechanism that aims to encourage all sectors to participate in reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the country.

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Premium T-VER

  • Help support Thailand to achieve the NDC goal more efficiently.
  • Contribute to more sustainable development in Thailand.
  • Qualifications that have been accepted by more buyers both domestically and internationally.
  • Aligns and contributes to the world's GHG emissions reduction targets set forth in the Paris Agreement.
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Greenhouse gas emissions

from the production/use of electrical energy (EMISSION FACTOR) 

For projects and activities to reduce greenhouse gases

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Guidelines for consideration and certification

of methods for evaluating tree carbon storage using

remote sensing technology. Artificial Intelligence: Al (version 02)

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Guidelines for developing

voluntary greenhouse gas reduction projects according to

Thai standards (Standard T-VER) (Version 4.0)

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that have been registered The amount of greenhouse gases expected to be reduced/stored is 16,959,754 tCO2eq/year
Project Registration Statistics From 2557- 2566

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Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (Public Organization) or TGO

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