Premium T-VER Project Registration

Changes to Registered Project

Changes to Registered Project

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After the project has been registered, if there is a change in the details of activities that differ from those stated in the PDD. Project developers must notify the TGO before submitting an application for certification of greenhouse gases to the TGO. By categorizing the changes into 2 types as follows:

1.1. Generic alteration are changes that do not affect the project's greenhouse gas emissions, for example

  • Change of project developer
  • Change of project owner
  • Change of coordinator
  • Change of credit period

The project can change the credit period but must comply with the conditions of the credit period criteria, when the credit period is changed, the credit start date of the project must not exceed 2 years from the next day after that date. project registration.

1.2. Alterations that must be made to request a change of operations after registration (Re-validation) is the change that affects the amount of greenhouse gases of the project as follows:

  • Other types of project activities are added or the greenhouse gas reduction methodology is added to the calculations.
  • There were changes that resulted in “The amount of greenhouse gases that are expected to be reduced is more than 60,000 tons of CO2 equivalent per year. Or increased by more than 15% from the previously registered, compared with the assessment results in the registered PDD.

          Project developers must detail all changes occurring in the Monitoring Report. For enable VVB to review document changes and document evidence of changes must be presented to VVB and TGO.