Project Specification

Non-permanence Risk

Non-permanence risk

  • โปรแกรม: Standard T-VER



The risk of carbon loss or stored GHG releasing back to the atmosphere as due to the non-permanency of project type is “Reduction, absorption and removal of greenhouse gases from the forestry and agriculture sectors” with the exception of reducing Methane or Nitrous oxide from agriculture  or “Capture, storage, and/or utilization of greenhouse gases”,  i.e. project administration, change of land ownership, forest fire, pest/disease outbreaks, other natural risks. 

The project participants after the project has been registered and operated.  The report contains the monitoring result of the non-permanence risk in accordance with the guidelines set by TGO and shall be verified by the Validation and Verification Body (VVB).

Announcement from the Board of Directors of Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (Public Organization)

Subject: Buffer Credit and Risk Assessment on Carbon Loss from Forestry and Agricultural Project under Premium Thailand Voluntary Emission Reduction (Premium T-VER) Program B.E.2566