Project Specification

Double Counting

Double counting

  • โปรแกรม: Standard T-VER

Double counting and double use

The Premium T-VER project shall be operationalized in a way to prevent double counting/use as follows:

1) Preventing double counting from request for credits issuance
     - The project participantsand project implementers shall not request for credits issuance fromactivities in the “same project boundary” from other GHG emission reduction program.
     - In case that there is other project implemented in the same area owned by the same juristic person/individual but registered with other GHG emission reduction program or certification system, the project participants shall address the details in Project Design Document (PDD) under the section of double counting.

2) Preventing double counting from reporting or declaring voluntary GHG emission reduction performance
After the carbon credits has been transferred to another juristic person/individual, the project participants and project operators are not be able to claim the right over the carbon credits.

3) Prevention double counting from Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) certification
In the case of a project that produces electricity from renewable energy and a Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) wasissued.  Carbon credits from the project activity during the same period as the REC certificate can not be issued.