Project Specification



  • โปรแกรม: Standard T-VER


Announcement of the Board of Directors of Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization re: Criteria for Demonstration of Additionality under Premium Thailand Voluntary Emission Reduction Program (Premium T-VER), B.E. 2566 (2023) specifies that any project that intends to be developed as a Premium T-VER project shall be additional to what is required by the law (regulatory surplus). 

The project shall employ a technology within the scope of Technology Positive List, or demonstrate additionality in accordance with the criteria prescribed under this Announcement,  with an exception for the projects in “Reduction, absorption and removal of greenhouse gases from the forestry and agriculture sectors”, which shall carry out demonstration of additionality in accordance with the guideline set out in the Regulation of Thailand Voluntary Emission Reduction (T-VER) for such category of projects.

Demonstration of additionality are as follows:

  (1)  Common practice

  (2)  Investment analysis and/or barrier analysis


Additionality P


Technology Positive List

the project participant shall refer to the following technologies.

  • Green hydrogen energy
  • Energy from waves (Tidal energy)
  • Offshore wind power
  • Geothermal energy
  • Bio-energy with Carbon Capture and Storage: BECCS
  • Solar thermal energy for electricity generation (Concentrating solar power)
  • Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU)
  • Carbon capture and storage (CCS)