Procedure for Carbon Credits Issuance


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  • โปรแกรม: Standard T-VER

1.  Fee for consideration of T-VER project registration and certification of greenhouse gas emissions (Carbon Credit)

       TGO will consider collecting fees arising from TGO services starting January 10, 2023, according to the operating principles of a public organization which is a non-profit organization. It sets the fee rate for requesting T-VER project registration and requesting certification of the amount of greenhouse gases that can be reduced/stored from the project. T-VER at a flat rate (Flat Rate) by charging the same fee for every project at the same rate as follows.


Note: The fee rates in the table do not include Value Added Tax (Vat) at the rate of 7 percent.

2. Fee payment process

  • Allow applicants to register projects/request certification of carbon credits. Pay the service fee together with submitting an application for T-VER project registration or carbon credit certification.
  • The steps for submitting and paying the T-VER project registration fee and carbon credit certification are as follows:




 How to pay fees as follows:
(1) Pay by electronic money transfer (e-Payment) or

(2) Pay by transferring money to Krungthai Bank Account, Chaengwattana Government Center Branch (Building B). Account name: Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (TGO revenue) Account number 955-0-10069-3 (Account Number 955-0-10069-3)

(3) Pay by credit card With a credit card payment fee of 2 percent.


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